lightning policy


Lightning on and around the golf course


The safety of our staff and patrons is paramount. While we will do our utmost to warn you of impending lighting strikes it is imperative that you are aware of your surroundings. Strikes may happen before they are forecast. One key point to keep in mind: IF​ THUNDER ROARS, GO INDOORS. Please don’t wait to be told to move to safety if you notice signs of an impending storm yourself. Your work, and your game, can continue when it is safe to do so.


​At the golf shop we will monitor weather conditions. If there is sufficient danger of lightning we will suspend play and communicate to on course patrons and staff by blowing an air horn. Golfers and workers will need to make it to the nearest shelter or preferably the clubhouse to wait out the storm. Avoid tents (metal poles) hill tops, trees, water, wet objects and metal objects (clubs, umbrellas, etc). If you are wearing headsets or ear pieces, remove them. Once you reach the Clubhouse, stay away from windows and doors and do not lie on concrete floors or against concrete walls.


Do not put yourself in danger to finish a hole!

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